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Around February 2004, GTAForums veteran Demarest began offering to complete missions in the PC versions of GTA III and Vice City for users that were struggling to finish them themselves. This service was called Save N Play, and quickly became popular with not only people seeking help, but also people willing to help as well. I began helping as well, and after witnessing many requesters and helpers struggle with getting their saves uploaded onto free hosts, such as RapidShare and YouSendIt, I decided to attempt to make a file hosting site specifically for the purpose of hosting these GTA save files. And so this service was launched in 2005 (original post). Over fifteen years later, the site is still being used by Save N Play and Chain Game participants.


Save Structure Information

OrionSR, hmvartak, Parik

While the people below did not contribute directly, they deserve credit as their research is used on this site.
spaceeinstein, thehambone, khsh97, pdescobar, Seemann, Wesser, Paul Breeuwsma

Feedback and Bug Reports

JAJ, OrionSR, hmvartak, HerrieM, rubregg, girishb, HeroBrineR007, GTAKid667, thehambone, GTAGuy1995


Demarest, for starting the Save N Play service.
Wolf68k, JAJ, Spuds725, GTAKid667, for running Save N Play and Chain Game through out the years and encouraging the site's use.
(I apologize if I'm forgetting other SnP and CG managers. It's been over 10 years and I was not always active on the forums.)
Tobias382, for helping me with some programming issues in the site's early days.
LordKurgan, for providing me free hosting in the site's early days.

About Samutz

I am a web developer and systems administrator for a small school district. In my spare time I am a video game enthusiast and still a web developer. I like to take on programming projects that pique my interest for fun and sometimes profit. I joined GTAForums in 2003 after taking an interest in modding Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City.

My Other Work

My work for my job is mostly internal-use only and not available to the public, but here are other things I have worked on.

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