Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Save File Naming and Locations (All Versions but PS2)

All San Andreas save files use the same naming format, except for the PS2 and DE versions.
Saves are named GTASAsf#.b, where # is the save slot number used in the game.
GTASAsf9.b is the mobile autosave slot.
GTASAsf10.b is the mobile resume save slot and is not supported, as the save format is different than other saves.

In the Definitive Edition, save filenames use the .sav extension instead of .b.

For Playstation 2 saves, see the Playstation 2 section below.

Operating System Default Save Location
Windows 2000/XP (PC) C:\Documents and Settings\<Your username>\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\
Windows Vista & Up (PC) C:\Users\<Your username>\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\
Mac OS X (PC) /Users/<Your username>/Library/Application Support/Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas/p_drive/Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/
You may need to show hidden system files to find this folder.
iOS (Mobile) /var/mobile/Applications/GTASA/Documents/
A thrid-party file browsing app, such as iExplorer or iFunBox, may be required to access this location.
Android (Mobile) /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/
Windows Store (Mobile) C:\Users\<Your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\RockstarGames.GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas_3t068xe29zjvp\LocalState\
Rockstar Launcher (Definitive Edition) C:\Users\<Your username>\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition\Profiles\<8-character string>\

Supported Platforms & Features


There are several major versions of San Andreas for PC, v1, v2, and DE.
v1 is the original version of the game, before the Hot Coffee scandal.
v2 was released after the Hot Coffee scandal, to remove access to the Hot Coffee content.
The Steam and RSG Launcher version, while sometimes referred to as v3, primarily uses v2 files.
DE is the Definitive Edition released on the Rockstar Games launcher.

For non-DE versions, there are 3 main files whose version differences can affect save files: the exe (gta-sa.exe/gta_sa.exe), the script (data\script\main.scm), and the asset archive (models\gta3.img).
Some users may have any combination of these, rather that all v1 or all v2. This site can detect versions and convert specific data in save files to help ensure a save is compatible with your game.

Older Mobile Versions

Mobile 1.05 and Below saves use a different save file format that is difficult to read. Because of this, not many features are available for them.

Playstation 2

You will need special tools to extract PS2 saves from physical PS2 memory cards or virtual PS2 memory cards on PS3.
Check out for more info and tools.
When extracted, saves are named in the format #  Mission Name.b, where # is the slot number.
Note that there are 2 spaces between the slot number and the mission name.

PC (Original) PC (Definitive) Mobile 1.05- Mobile 1.06+ PS2
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