Site Overhaul
March 30, 2015, 6:27 pm UTC

The site has been completely re-written using a new framework to better accomodate new features and functions that people have been requesting the last couple of years. Many of them were too difficult to implement in the old framework. I had originally planned on getting this update done in February as Feb 11th was the site's 10th anniversary (original post), however re-writing the code to read and modify save files took much longer than I expected and the last few months have had many setbacks.

Many of these new features, mainly save modifications and safe info (checklists and stats) are thanks to the work and research of OrionSR, SpaceEinstein, Seemannthehambonekhsh97, hmvartak and Paul Breeuwsma, as well as anyone else who has contributed to the Save pages on the GTAModding Wiki. Special thanks go out to OrionSR, who worked with me over the last few months to gather the info I needed to make these features possible.

For feedback, please use this topic:

Here is the list of changes.

More updates may be coming soon. I had a lot more planned, but as the above took longer and longer, I decided to set aside some ideas that would take a large amount of time themselves. Hopefully basic support for GTA V will be added within a week after it's release, assuming the saves can be be shared. is maintained and hosted by Samutz
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